NiMu's Card~Mommy,Thank You

2010.09.08-NiMu (3Y11M)
NiMu loves the stamps, and she said, "mom, she is like you!"
So she wanted to make a card for me.
NiMu chose all of the colors. I like she used green and pink combo, that's good.
Then she made the background-grass and sky by herself.
I saw she really work hard. :)
She also decorated some gems and present stickers.
Those stickers on Tilda's head, looks like Tilda became a deer.
It's so funny!
She said," mom, I want to say THANK YOU to you, thanks for make cards for me and LerLer. We do love your cards.", then she give me a big hug! Wow! How sweet! My little baby.